Evolution of Rebranding

If like us at Design Image, do you feel at times you blink and another year has passed? When you sit back, you suddenly realise that time is changing, a lot. And what could that mean for your business and your image? What happens when the times change and your brand is no longer relaying the message, or is it being left behind by your competitors. Maybe this is the time for a re-brand? There are plenty of reasons for a re-brand, which doesn’t always mean it has to be a time consuming, drawn out or a scary process. Take Apple for instance. A small change from their initial logo being colour to the white that we have become so accustomed to, gave them a new modern, sleek and sophisticated look.

So when could it be time for a change?

When you want to shake off an old or dated image/logo
When you outgrow your original mission
When the market is evolving quickly
When the website doesn’t reflect who you are and what you do
When things are now inconsistent

Some of our clients have taken the step to ensure they are staying fresh, modern and moving with the times by investing in re-branding. Maybe it’s time for a re-vamp or a whole new design?