Re-desiging your logo

why, when and how

Logo Redesign

In last month’s blog we looked at why your company logo is so important.

Your logo speaks for your business and it’s vitally important that it’s saying the right things.

It’s the first thing a potential customer will notice about your business, and – very probably – the first thing you had designed when your business started up.

Why it’s important to keep your logo up to date

Times change.

When your logo was born your designer would have used the latest fonts and the swishest graphics.  It would have been hip and cool and appropriate to its time. But logo design evolves quickly, new fonts and typefaces are introduced, spaces and shapes cycle through fashion and your logo can soon start to look antiquated or out of touch.

Stale logo’s get easily overlooked, like beige jumpers.

How to tell if it’s time to refresh

If you’re in any doubt about whether your logo needs a refresh, read through the statements below.

If you’re nodding your head to any of them…

When my logo was first designed:

  • Important documents were sent by fax
  • A phone was mobile only as far as the lead connecting it to the socket on the wall would stretch
  • If you wanted to talk to your clients you either picked up the desk phone or went to see them in person
  • A computer was Mrs Kenbridge in accounts
  • Apple was just a fruit
  • The only thing you had to consider about your logo was how it looked on your stationery

A bit extreme maybe, but you get the idea!

If it’s been over 3 years since your logo was created it makes good business sense to review it.

Does your logo hold up when you compare it to your competitors?

Do the words modern, stylish, contemporary and clean leap to mind, or are you swimming in a pool with dated, boring, tired and old?

When a refresh leads to a rebrand

Sometimes during the process of changing fonts, or graphics, or colours, it becomes apparent that it’s the logo itself that needs to change. If the logo changes, the brand changes. This is when a refresh becomes a rebrand, which is a significantly more involved process than a refresh.

Is your logo describing the real you?

When you look at your logo in relation to your company as it is today – ask yourself – does your logo reflect what your company is all about NOW or does it show how it used to be?

Companies change and evolve, and sometimes their overall aesthetic does too.  If this is the case a rebrand (or a refresh) could be in the offing.

Confusing I know, this is when a design company comes in handy. Our experience is your resource, and we’ll give you all the information you need to decide which is the right way to go.

When is it time for a redesign?

When the size and shape of your logo no longer fits all sizes – the website, a mobile app, your social medial profiles, the stationery – it may be a redesign is the answer.

You could have the logo redesigned to make it more universal, or you could have  an alternative designed for those specific purposes.


Excellent! Give us a call and we’ll talk you through it.

Refresh, redesign or rebrand we’re here to help.