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New Year Resolutions for 2020

A new year is upon us, still full of untapped potential and the promise of success, time for 20 New Year Resolutions for 2020!

If you think it’s all a load of old tosh that’s setting you up for a fall, you might have a point. Only 2 out of 10 resolutions make it past the first month, usually because grand gestures and unachievable wishes don’t translate on a practical level.

How many of us have stumbled into the first week of January confidently proclaiming ‘This year I’m going to eat healthy, stop drinking, become a fitness god/goddess, master the sitar, climb Kilimanjaro, earn a million pounds, stop shouting/swearing/smoking, be kind to children, take up goat yoga and single handily bring about world peace?

To have any chance of success at all, your resolutions have got to be achievable, and relevant to you.

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Personal New Year Resolutions

Here, in no particular order, are our 10 favourite personal new year resolutions

  • Spend less time using social media (time limited and time of day limited)
  • Spend more time with friends and family members (just the ones we like)
  • Use less plastic (pay more attention generally to what we buy)
  • Be more active (walking can be fun!)
  • Do something new or different (say yes to that night out, the TV won’t mind)
  • Stop procrastinating (you can do it – do it now!)
  • Be nicer to yourself (laugh more, be more positive, be less grumpy, have that treat!)
  • Drink alcohol less frequently (it can be done apparently)
  • Pick one habit you know doesn’t help you and learn how to break it
  • Listen to music that makes you feel great!

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Business New Year Resolutions

In business, mere resolutions morph into much more manageable, measurable and flexible goals. Working towards and achieving your goals will drive you and your business to greater and greater success.

Here are our top 10 Business Goals for 2020

  • Promote your business regularly & consistently (cough – that’s what we’re here for)
    • Update your website design
    • Sort out new branding
    • Refresh your advertising
    • Design new marketing material
  • Face up to your financials – knowledge is power
  • Keep a close eye on your competitors – be one step ahead
  • Be honest with yourself about what works, what doesn’t, what needs to change, what stays.
  • Be a better boss – invest in your people not just your products. Listen more, communicate with your team, encourage engagement
  • Educate yourself – read more books, keep up to date with your industry trends, learn something new every day/week/month
  • Manage your time (Delegate more, learn to love a list, plan ahead, prioritise, say no, take time off)
  • Look after your health – take a lunch break, go to bed and sleep there, de-clutter, eat regularly, drink more water, ask for help if you need it
  • Give back to the community – you never know what could happen
  • Do something new for your customers – only you can decide what

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Our Challenge

Pick five resolutions that resonate, write them down, act on them.

We’ll do the same and in a couple of months let’s see how we’re doing!