How to spring clean your website to sell homes

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When it comes to buying a residential property, 90% of house searches now begin online. As a result, websites and digital marketing is becoming more and more important for estate agents and property developers.

To boost your chances of winning the attention of homebuyers in the digital world you need a successful website… and a successful website begins with great design.

Your website needs to be a perfect balance of functionality and style which suits your needs and your audience. Think of your website as a sales person who is available 24/7 and the way your website is presented, like your marketing literature, is a direct representation of how your final product (your houses) will be presented.


First Impression

Many prospective buyers will usually land on your website via another link, so your site must make a good first impression visually and then engage the visitor with both the presentation and navigation of content. Make sure that your website doesn’t take too long to load (anything longer than 3 seconds and you risk losing your audience), that its branded correctly and that the visitor has clear paths to key information as well as contact details.

Radian Homes Website
Radian Homes Website


One design for all screens

Like many other potential clients, home buyers are increasingly searching and accessing information on homes for sale on the move with mobile and tablets. Number one rule in 2016 – make sure your website is responsive.

Responsive design is the process of making a website accessible across a range of device. A responsive website will detect the user’s screen size and orientation and then display the content accordingly. This means that your website can be viewed on any type of device, from mobile phones, to tablets, to large desktop displays and everything in-between.

Radian Homes Website
Radian Homes Website



Your website’s purpose first and for most is to sell homes.  It needs to be attractive, easy to navigate as well as being easily updated by you. As well as the basics look at ways to boost your websites offering. Think interactive maps to display your developments for properties for sales, detailed search functions to help visitors narrow down their searches with criteria’s that matter to them, easy enquiry forms, mortgage calculators even editable featured properties or developments – it’s all about what you can do to help boost your visitors experience and promoting yourself as not only an attractive website but a useful one.

Spectrum Premier Homes Website
Spectrum Premier Homes Website



In the fast moving and customer facing world of property it’s important to have the most up to date information and sales material available be that online or with physical marketing collateral. Keep your site regularly maintained with property information and updates, make sure content isn’t old or outdated and that your website contains the right amount of content. Provide enough to be of help, leaving out irrelevant ‘padding’ and encouraging a call to action to find out more without bombarding them or being too elusive.



Computer Generated Imagery, 3D realisations, virtual worlds and architectural visualisations are perfect for providing your clients with a dynamic way of exploring buildings, interiors and environments.

Any experienced agency would be able to create CGI’s from initial builders plans. CGI’s can be included on your website as an excellent way of enabling prospective buyers to visualize and realise their property dreams and helping you to sell plots before they’re actually built.

Tors Reach CGI's
Tors Reach CGI
Winterborne Meadows CGI
Winterborne Meadows CGI


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