Spring Forward


1: First day of spring is called Vernal Equinox. Vernal is Latin for spring while equinox is Latin for night.

2: March 20th is the 79th day of the year (80th in leap years)

3: Benjamin Franklin first proposed Daylight saving time in 1784

4: The earliest known use of the term spring clean was in 1857

5: If your birthday is on March 20th, you are a Pisces and you are well known for your passion & experimental Nature

6: Spike Lee, Emma Willis, Holly Hunter & Fernando Torress all share their birthday on this day

7: in 2005, Tony Christie’s hit featuring Peter Kay ‘Is this the way to Amarillo’ was number one

8: in 1920, the first flight from London to South Africa took 1½ months (try explaining the time off to your boss for your holiday)

9: UK’s weather statistics for March 20th are: Warmest was 2011 @ 9.2C, Coldest was 1962 @ 5.8C and the Wettest was 1947 – 331.7mm rain

10: Since 2013 – March 20th is now known as International day of happiness.