The Domain Name Game

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It’s something we emphasise with any new website project – selecting your website address or domain name is equally as influential as selecting your business name itself.

Many potential customers come across your domain name before anything else through search engines and as we all know first impressions count.

Furthermore, your domain name is one of the many factors that feed into search engine results so it’s worth taking the time to contemplate your options and get it right.

Stick to this domain name tip checklist to boost your domain name:

It’s relevant to my business

Look at all the possible associations of the words you are using and make sure they are relevant to your business and brand name.

I haven’t pigeonholed

Keep your domain name futureproof. Being too service or product specific can cause you problems later on if your business broadens or changes its offering.

It shows off my business

It’s memorable

It needs to be easily remembered so don’t over complicate it

It’s not a mouthful

Resist the urge to use over egg the wording. Two or three short and simple words will help keep it memorable and customers will be less likely to make typing mistakes.

Selected the top level domain?

This is the very last bit of your address, such as, .uk or .com. There are thousands of options now so think about what appeals to your audience to select he right one.

Triple checked spelling

Check appearance

Domain names are always presented in a string of lower-case letters without any spaces so double check that the words don’t spell out anything offensive in this format.

Protected your name

You can register several similar domains with different top level domains. This stops others from coming in at a later stage and capitalising on your success.

Have you asked for a second opinion?

When you have a few options for your domain name, ask friends and family what they think to make sure that what you pick makes sense to others as well as you.


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