Book Design Hampshire | My Own Little Place


Book design Hampshire – We were commissioned by Author Stephen Payne to design the book cover for his brand new novel My Own Little Place – Adventures in the Quest to find One’s Place in Life.

What an exciting assignment this was for us – this meant that we could put one of our amazing skills in to action – drawing.  Here at Design Image we have a real skill for this, it’s one area that we love and we are good at it.  Starting with pencil and paper, sketching away, then taking all ideas in to the graphic systems and seeing everything come to life – it’s a good feeling, and something we are very proud of.

Book Design Hampshire

Book Design Hampshire – The new novel has everything going for it – adventure, mystery and romance, what more could you want.  With its rich Celtic culture in Ireland, you are lured in and certainly want to know more.

If you would like to know more about this novel – which we are sure you will, then head over here to purchase your copy.

Be sure to watch this space – you never know, there could be a sequel on its way.

Book Design Hampshire

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Book Design Hampshire