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Large Format Graphics Fareham – Fair Ways Foundation delivers a comprehensive range of services to children and young people, including social care, support, training and education services.

Large Format Graphics Fareham

We were delighted when Fair Ways came to us to design the graphics for the internal and external areas of their Training Centre in Fareham.

Large Graphics Fareham – For the external entrance windows, we chose to use the vibrant colours of their logo in each window, which is very impactful as you arrive with colours streaming through with the sun and creating a warm inviting entrance with the lights in winter.   The side windows and office window needed to have a degree of privacy for training sessions, so we used a frosted image with detail elements from the design, letting light into the room, while providing privacy.  For the internal walls we created a fresh and airy nature design with vibrant colours to create a positive feeling of growth for the training courses.

For the counselling room, we needed to create a non threatening, calm environment, so chose the imagery of a forest with sunlight shining through.



Large Format Graphics Fareham
Large Format Graphics Fareham

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