Logo Branding Southampton | Regal Environmental Systems

Logo Branding Southampton

Logo Branding Southampton – Regal Environmental Systems, a well-established company based in Upham, Southampton, approached us in search of a complete logo branding refresh. With their extensive expertise in air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and humidification systems, they were looking to broaden their focus on the air conditioning aspect of their business. Additionally, they sought to expand their maintenance and servicing division, aiming to enhance their offerings and reach a wider customer base.

Following our initial meeting, we held a brainstorming session in the studio, which led to the creation of their new logo. Afterward, this logo was seamlessly integrated into the design of their new stationery, ensuring a cohesive and modern look for their brand.

Logo Branding Southampton

With the chosen logo branding finalized, it was time to embark on the creation of their new website. This new platform seamlessly integrates all the services they offer, providing detailed information and showcasing their recent projects to highlight their expertise and accomplishments.

The newly designed website stands out for its clean, professional, and fresh appearance. It is intuitively organized, ensuring that visitors can easily navigate through the various sections and quickly find the information they need. This user-friendly approach not only enhances the overall visitor experience but also effectively communicates the company’s brand and capabilities.

You can see their new website here

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