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Graphic Design Portsmouth – Emirates Spinnaker Tower was built as part of the centrepiece of the Renaissance of Portsmouth Harbour Project and has become Portsmouth’s most prominent landmark. Visible beyond 23 miles away; it dramatically overlooks the Portsmouth Harbour, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, City Centre and all of Portsmouth and its neighbouring towns and suburbs.


Graphic Design Portsmouth
Graphic Design Portsmouth
Graphic Design Portsmouth

Who is vugo?

Vugo is Emirates Spinnaker Towers friendly mascot, designed to teach children and encourage visitors to explore the tower. Families are invited to view things differently with Vugo on the Spinnaker Tower’s family trail.


The project

Spinnaker approached us to design competition entry forms and information posters to promote the half term Spinnaker Tower competition.

Graphic Design Portsmouth

The focus was to get the kids and family involved in the tower, generating more footfall.

The competition was to design a character to work with Vugo using a submitted drawing and a story outlining the characters background.

The winner of each age group will have their winning drawing converted to a full professional drawing to be framed and put on the website for all to see.

It will be quite a prize for the winner(s), as the winning drawing(s) will be re-drawn in the style of Vugo by Vugos creator whom works for Design Image, also the winning sidekick(s) will be used, so it’s a very unique prize!

Posters were also made showing how Vugo was designed and drawn to help potential artists draw the Vugo sidekick.

Styling of the entry form and posters was in keeping with Emirates Spinnaker Tower branding.

Graphic Design Portsmouth
Graphic Design Portsmouth