Website Design Portsmouth | Tenth Hole Tearooms

Website Design Portsmouth | Tenth Hole Tearooms

The tenth hole website

Website Design Portsmouth | Tenth Hole Tearooms – The Tearooms are run by a team of enthusiastic and energetic staff led by husband and wife team Lucy and Bill. They have been at the helm for nearly six years now and refurbished back in January 2014 giving their bustling tearooms a new lease of life.

Website Design Portsmouth | Tenth Hole Tearooms

We have enjoyed working with The Tenth Hole on many exciting projects over many years including their previous website, their iconic logo and branding, van graphics, site signage, menus, aprons, adverts, cake boxes and even their latest exhibition stand used for the Victorious Festival, so we were thrilled to work with them again on revamping their current and very successful website.

Website Design Portsmouth | Tenth Hole Tearooms
Website Design Portsmouth | Tenth Hole Tearooms

hole in one!

In honor of The Tenth Hole Golf, the oldest pitch and putt in the world, here are 9 ‘hole in ones’ that make up the new website

  1. Don’t worry we’ve kept the iconic branding – it’s just had a revamp! We’ve done a little logo development what do you think?
  2. The website has kept its quirky, personal and homemade feeling and styling which everyone loves.
  3. The project included a whole new photo shoot with amazing photographer Emma Trinder to capture its amazing atmosphere and its scrumptious offerings.
  4. We chose rustic homemade fonts to enhance the handmade, hands on, personal approach the tearooms are known for.
  5. Bigger emphasis on their famous cakes with an image focused gallery of cakes!
  6. You can now even search for particular types of cake with a new filtering/search system.
  7. Interactive headers on the homepage is the perfect way to focus on key highlights such as menus, recruitment, gift vouchers and events. Plus The Tenth Hole team can hide or display whichever headers they want to promote with the tick of a box!
  8. The menus now have a great filtering system so now you can go straight to pick your breakfast, lunch, sandwiches, kids food or high tea quickly and clearly.
  9. Its integrated CMS makes it easy and quick for the Tenth Hole to update and manage their website – keeping it fresher for longer.
Website Design Portsmouth | Tenth Hole Tearooms
Website Design Portsmouth | Tenth Hole Tearooms

the icing on the cake

One significant change is that the new website is now fully responsive to any device to keep up with the growing demand of mobile and portable device internet browsing. Throughout the design and development we were very conscious of how the site would look and work on different devices and as a result the finished product is very user friendly, looks fantastic and it has a smooth transition to mobile.


Website Design Portsmouth | The Tenth Hole

We love how you can engage and interact with the site with buttons that move, highlight, how wording pops up and how you can ‘grab’ gallery or header images and slide it across to view more.

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